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Thread: MS Java Virtual Machine Patch released

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    MS Java Virtual Machine Patch released

    the advisory

    the article

    MS warns of "critical" Java VM flaws

    "(The flaws) could enable an attacker to gain complete control over a userís system," stated the advisory. "This would enable the attacker to perform any operation that the user could, such as running applications; communicating with web sites; (and) adding, deleting or changing data

    An attacker could exploit the flaws by getting the victim to view a certain Web site with the code embedded in page. HTML e-mail could also be a danger,

    Of course thats old news on the security forums
    Why Im pissed
    The patch is ONLY available from Windows Update (via automatic update) which I have disabled

    for as to why
    "Win2k SP3, the 'snooper' licence, and the workaround"

    since automatic update would be more accurately described as "automatic update and install"
    since it will not allow you to save to disk, does anyone know of a way for me to pull it off my parallel install (which still has automatic update) and install it on my primary OS? Its sitting in the temp folder, but I dont know how to install it.

    Or does anyone have a link to a manual download?

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    The patch is not only available from automatic update. You can download only the VM patch from the windows update site. http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com
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    If you disable Automatic Update in Windows 2000 SP3, then Windows Update is unavailable
    (that is where automatic update takes you anyway) youll get

    Access Denied

    "Network Policy settings prevent you from using
    Windows Upsdate to download and install updates on your compiuter"

    as of yet Ive found no manual download that is accessable or that can be saved to disk

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    You don't need windowsupdate. Windowsupdate just makes it a little faster/easier to install the fixes.

    Brief search through support.microsoft.com:

    turns up: http://support.microsoft.com/default...;en-us;Q260910

    Describes SP3

    To get sp3, go here

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    Microsoft...Java. Does no one else see the oxymoron inherant in that?
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