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Thread: inspiration to newbies

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    inspiration to newbies

    can someone out there who know bout comp, programing or everthing bout comp share their experience on how u all gain all knowledge. well wat i mean is, can plz someone whom not learning comp in formal way, (never go to school and taking comp courses). may be it can give us inspiration or courage to learn more especially me. i love and really hope one day i can be comp elite. but the problems is i don't have a chance to study it in formal (go to college i mean). so i hope i can learn programing or sth by myself. but i dunno from where i should start. i learn c++ b4 but quit after find it very hard to understand.wat i just do is surfing the net, find out site bout comp and study from there.im really jealous and curious if someone can modified registry in window or bat file. sorry for have the feeling.may be if u all can tell us from us experience and tips for us to be like u all. thank q.

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    probably the one thing everyone on here will tell you is to read, and it really is the best advice. Go to the tutorials forum, and read there, or go to google.com and search out a topic you want to learn more about. also you could go to a book store or library and pick up some basic computer books. also, be prepared to spend a lot of time with computers, as some things can only be learned from hands on experience. when you come to areas or concepts you dont quite understand, search the site using the tool on the front page, and if you dont turn up anything, ask, and someone will surely be able to help you out. hope this gives you some ideas and help, and good luck.
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    can someone out there who know bout comp, programing or everthing bout comp share their experience on how u all gain all knowledge. well wat i mean is, can plz someone whom not learning comp in formal way, (never go to school and taking comp courses). may be it can give us inspiration or courage to learn more especially me.
    The question really should be, what do you want to learn? You said you did not learn C++ beacause it was too hard. Maybe C++ is not your forte. Maybe you can try system administration, web design, building boxes, consulting others on how to run an OS, and the list goes on and on and on.

    i love and really hope one day i can be comp elite.
    Doesn't everybody? The term is very vague and broad. "Elite" in what? That goes right back into what you want to learn and get really proficient in. The truth is, people can become experts in a certain field, but will never know everything.

    im really jealous and curious if someone can modified registry in window or bat file.
    Why? That's easy enough to learn. With Microsoft's web site, or simple search on www.google.com like "making batch files" or "windows registry hacks" will shed some light on the subject and you will not feel jealous anymore. Then once you learn that, you can move to something else.

    The thing is, many make computers etherial, mystical and something only certain people can do. That is false also. It's like school. When you were new, you learned to do 1+1 and not tensor fields on manifolds... it takes time and is not learned overnight.

    Here are some places you might find helpful:

    Windows newbies: http://newbieclub.com/cgi-bin/sgx/d.cgi?newbie_answers
    Linux newbie: http://www.linuxnewbie.org/
    C++ help: http://www.cplusplus.com/
    Search for any question you might have: www.google.com

    I hope this helps.

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    im really jealous and curious if someone can modified registry in window or bat file.

    wat i mean is, let take this eg. if someone starffing, for me we better give them job or sth than can give them money so they can buy food for themselves in the future. neither u give then money or food and still they will beg again and again without no effort to find out how to improve their life.

    what i mean is, if i go to the website and just copy everything without no idea how do they hack the registry or how do they get the idea. may be if i know the right way, may be i can hack registry or batch file by myself.
    hope this can clarify my point posting this post.
    thank q

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    Well, the way I started was just by hanging out in IRC for 36 hours a day. Not exactly a boost to my social skills, but chance may have you encounter someone who can in a word "apprentice" you.

    Don't worry about becoming elite. The Word elite is like having a black belt. You can be a blackbelt in 3 months in one school, and 8 years in another. Completely different meanings. It's better to just retain your newbie status indefinitely, because until you have a PhD or two.. you're a newbie.

    I'd still try to get into college, or a tech school or something. Education is what seperates man from well... lesser man. (arrogant assumption).

    P.S. Buy 300 computer books. You might eventually read 1 of them. That or go to your local CIS lab, and take a few arm fulls, they won't notice.

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    You really should try to learn from the others' ideas. Try to understand what they were doing to hack the registry. Of course you can not profit if you just copy things without a clue why. But learning the basics in conjunction with trying to reconstruct their ideas.

    And: READ, READ, READ !!!

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    For a basic mechanical(hardware/firmware)understanding of computers,look for A+ tutorials and things along those lines.If you want programming languages and stuff,just do a search for whatever language you're interested,and look for a link like(C++ for newbies)or sometyhing along those lines that is focused on the basics of programming itself as well as the language,and you should have a much easier time learning than starting out in a tutorial designed for people that already have a basic knowledge of programming.There are tons of sites with tons of tutorials(this one included).All you have to do is look.
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    You have had a lot of good advice here.When i came here i was a clueless n00b sure i had a certifacate on how to use windows but i DIDNT really know how to use windows like the ins and outs of the OS and the registry and i learned a hell of a lot i only knew basic ms-dos commands then i read negatives tutorial on dos unleashed and started messing about with commands and making really simple batch files.Then i started to proggrame using python which is quite simple check it out since you said C++ was to hard www.python.org Then i got fasinated by UNIX and i installed linux not because i thought i was eleet but because i was looking for a more stable OS because at the time windows was crashing to BSOD every 2 hours. so my advice to you is read read then when you think you have cant read any more because your eyes are red and sore guess what start reading again
    it is all trial and error i learned more from my mistakes
    if your looking for more info on the registry and other misc stuff check these links out
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    It has been said before but it bears saying again... Read, read, and read somemore... I had the same problem you do... I wanted to know the whys and hows of things... I want to get into programing myself and have gotten a couple of books on PERL and Python that I am reading and hopefully I will be able to get them down... Then move on to something else... But until you get comfotable in one thing read as much as you can...
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    Yes, yes, yes...reading is fundamental (at the risk of sounding redundant). I was in your shoes about 2 years ago. I was working in a Call Center, wanting to be working in IT (something I have pretty much dreamed about since I was 7 - long time ago). I had just started a family, so going back to school was pretty much out of the question. One day, I decided to just pick up a book and read about Networking. It was either Networking for Dummies or Idiots or whatever...anyway, it wasn't the greatest of books, but I had a much better grasp on the concept. I didn't stop there. I kept reading. I was finally able to enroll in a Saturday class for MCP certification in Windows NT, and I passed both my Workstation and Server exams on the first try. By this time, my job had started a pilot Intership for IT. I was all over it! I applied and wrote one of the best "I would like to do this because..." essays I have ever written. They were impressed at my motivation and energy...I got hired as a Tech...more reading...they sent me away for SecurID training...more reading...I wanted to be a Network Admin, but there were many obstacles...more reading...I developed an interest in Network Security...much, much more reading...I applied for an open Security Admin position, but even while I was the top candidate from the inside (so I was told), they hired from the outside...more reading...one of the Security people left to go to the NSA (contracting)...I applied again, and I got the position. Now here I am, still reading, still learning, still a Newbie, but I have accepted the fact that I will always be in "school" while I am in the IT field. It can be done...you don't have to go to school necessarily...heck, you may not even learn well in school, who knows...it's not for everyone, although I would recommend going if you can. I hope we helped you in some way. Good luck with everything!
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