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Thread: Strategy to Secure Cyberspace

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    Strategy to Secure Cyberspace

    I found this the other day, and thought that it may be of interest to a lot of the fabulous people out in AO land.

    Apparently this was written by the "President's Critical Infrastructure Protection Board" and is a document entitled "A National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace"

    Here is a brief introduction taken directly from the webpage link I have included below:

    "President Bush directed the development of a National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace to ensure that America has a clear roadmap to protect a part of its infrastructure so essential to our way of life. The draft of that road map was developed in close collaboration with key sectors of the economy that rely on cyberspace, State, and local governments, colleges and universities, and concerned organizations."



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    Related Links

    Thanks for the link. As you probably know, this document has caused a fair amount of debate over the proper role of government in information security. Some, including the SANS institue, have criticised the report for bowing to corporate pressure by removing proposed regulations on ISPs and corporations. Others argue that government regulation of cybersecurity is not helpful and stifles innovation. You decide.

    FYI: Here are a few articles about the report...

    Administration Pares Cyber-Security Plan
    Firms Fight Some Recommendations
    (Washington Post, Sept 10)

    Let the Lobbying Begin
    Summaries of (and links to) recent articles/editorials about the plan
    (TechNews.com, Sept. 18)


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