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Thread: Have you seen this woman

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    Have you seen this woman

    I saw this last night on the TV news and again on the web this afternoon... check out the video that goes with the story... This woman beats the stuffing out of a little kid...


    When they catch her they should bury her under the jail...
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    I voted keep them in jail forever,because I would rather be killed than sit in a cage for the rest of my life.I feel we should build special prisons for child molestors/abusers,consisting of complete sensory deprivation cells,so they have nothing to do but drive themselves more insane than they already are reflecting on their lives.Once every ten years or so bring them out for a swift a55 kicking.A little far fetched yes,but a good idea in my opinion.
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    i agree gghornet.
    what was the quote from dragonheart? excuse me if i butcher it....

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    Child molesters, abusers and killers do not deserve to be around normal society and to me are the lowest form of life. You see, children do not have the means necessary to defend themselves and rely on the adults to nuture and raise them to be productive humans.

    My solution? Throw them in prison, and do not seperate them from the rest of the population. Let them see what it is like to have somebody their own size beat the crap out of them, kill them or rape them. And if execution is necessary, make it a public event. That way, other killers and molesters will know what will happen if they cross this line.

    Sorry if I sound harsh, but that's how I feel.

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    I'm torn between public execution and life imprisonment. If it's execution, it should be public and at the risk of getting negged again for stating an opinion, the exectuion should fit the crime. It should be as brutal and painful as possible and it should last a long time.

    If life imprisonment, the person should, as somebody said, be placed in population and every convict should know who the creature is and what they did and if they take action, the guards should be slow to respond.

    Another thing...the trial and appeals, and appeals, ad nauseum, shouldn't drag on for years like they do. Retribution should be swift.

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    Holy smokes! I was just as disturbed as most of you on seeing this tape, but I was equally disturbed to hear calls for torture, extreme violence, and horrifying executions for the perpetrators. I don't mean to slam anyone for their opinions, and I can definitely understand the passionate responses. I have no sympathy for child molestors/abusers, but I still have a clinging (and perhaps naive) respect for human rights. Please remember that some of these attackers are likely to have severe mental disorders, and may not be able to comprehend what they're doing. Not to mention the possibility of convicting an innocent of child abuse under such a strict regime would be to gruesome to imagine.
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    I must apologize, but here is my view on crime:

    Any felony = death (or solitairy confinement with nothing but rice/gruel).

    Why? Because some people don't mind breaking laws and going to jail. They live better lives there, cable tv, fried chicken, you play games all night, you lift weights. If you ask me, it's not really that bad of a lifestyle.

    If you make punishments more undesirable, either by exterminating felons or making their lives a living hell, we wouldn't have these problems would we?

    (Yes, i realize that's an insanely ignorant view of the whole matter, but I have very radical views.)

    ---Aku. Soku. Zan.

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