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    secure e-mail


    The White House this week honored NASA for its
    successful completion of a program to ensure the security of
    federal e-government initiatives.

    NASA was honored at a Cross-Certification Ceremony sponsored
    by the Federal Public Key Infrastructure Bridge Certification
    Authority (FBCA). By "cross certifying," NASA and three other
    agencies -- the Department of Agriculture's National Finance
    Center, the Department of Treasury and the Department of
    Defense -- will be able to send and receive secure e-mail
    across organizations. Secure government-wide information
    systems, and the secure exchange of information within the
    government, are essential elements of homeland security, said
    Paul Strassmann, NASA's Acting Chief Information Officer.

    The cross-certification is one part of the Administration's
    eAuthentication Initiative, which in turn is part of the
    Electronic Government Initiatives of the President's 2002
    Management Agenda. The eAuthentication Initiative provides
    authentication services to the other 24 initiatives, which
    are designed to better link the federal government to
    citizens, businesses, and state and local governments, as
    well as improve the federal government's internal efficiency.

    For NASA, recognition by FBCA culminates the Agency's four-
    year effort to build a public key infrastructure to
    strengthen and secure its information systems. The event
    clearly demonstrated NASA's success in implementing multiple
    pieces of information technology-related legislation, said

    just something i thought i would share

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    they've only been getting hacked since as long as they've had computers.

    Duh!...maybe we should secure the network?!?
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    This may date me, but...

    I remember looking into the NASA Lewis center in Cleveland, Ohio, when the originally connected to the Cleveland Freenet.

    For those who have never heard of the Freenet, it was a precursor to the public internet that was born around 1985 or so. It was a BBS system that was expanded into a terminal services program that allowed people to search the interlinked libraries of Cuyahoga County (the county where Cleveland resides).

    Anyway, I remember perusing employee lists and such, and having WAY too much access back then.

    My stepfather worked as a consultant with a company making landing gear and such, and I was able to not only find his company information, but his information and his security clearances inside of Lewis Space Center.

    Also amazing was the sheer volume and complexity of the linked systems inside of their annex to the freenet.

    Yes, most of their secure information is inside their proprietart nastran (like fortran, but not) systems, but someone with a bit of curiosity and technical ability would be able to get information that by todays standards would be considered espionage.

    And it was available, and there was no logging at that time.

    I'm glad to see that they are more secure than they were yesterday, but speaking as someone who knows, they are already LIGHTYEARS ahead of themselves as they were when they started.

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