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Thread: Virus in microsoft product ?

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    Virus in microsoft product ?


    Just got the answer on AO chat

    Cheers albn

    damn microsloff's should say they are pissed up when they release such applications...

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    Ok.. I am runnig XP Pro and Norton Antivirus 2002 and unless All Nortn Antivirus programs went evil at the same time Microsoft's download is messed up somewhere...
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    I've been running xp and using IE6 since Feb. Never had a problem. IE6 was even fairly quick. Since adding that damned SP1 and the patch for Internet explorer, I've had nothing but trouble with explorer. Xp is still solid. I've switched to Netscape 7. It's good and hasn't even locked up or crashed in almost a week. I'm really...reeaallly considering going back to linux or switching to a Mac.

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