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Thread: Florida's new adoption law

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    Angry Florida's new adoption law

    I'm not a woman,but this makes me a little bit angry.It's a complete violation of privacy,and has already caused abortion rates in the state of Florida to go up.I came across this on the local news station here in MO,and had to dig a little deeper,so I went to my good buddy Google,and this is one of the things I came across.

    A new Florida adoption law now requires a mother to make an exhaustive effort to notify the biological father, so he has the opportunity to stop the adoption [''Adoption law puts reputations at risk,'' news story, Aug. 14].

    In cases where the birth father cannot readily be identified or located after the required search, the mother must place a legal notice in a local newspaper that includes her name, her description, the names or the description of the possible father(s), and the date and city or county of conception.

    Now to elaborate on it a little.These women are being forced to put their recent sex life in a newspaper if they want to put a child up for adoption.The K8 news station interviewed one of the people who wrote the law,and she said their was no exception for rape.Now being a guy I'd like to say(and I might get the crap negged out of me 4 this)that I wouldn't get within 10 feet of the recent sex partners who might be the father of my new baby ads even if I hadn't had sex in a while.Does the Florida government actually think that 1. anyone is going to respond to these ads 2.that women are going to do that.
    If women don't do it there are very few alternatives.They can abort the child,or keep it and not be able to properly take care of it.What do u all think?

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    I agree with you Hornet... It is a total violation of the womans civil rights... I doubt seriously the law will stand up under an appeal... THe alternitive for at least some of these women is to leave the state and live with relatives or go accross the state line for an abortion...
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    The abortion industry has opposed adoption for a
    long time. It cuts into their profits.
    They want abortion to be the only option.

    While adoption is burdened by enormous regulations,
    abortion is "the wild wild west". Many busy abortion
    clinics have only one MD on staff while nurses do
    all the real work. It is political suicide for a politician
    to suggest that they should meet basic safety
    and hygiene requirements.

    Their mission is considered so sacred that they
    can be almost totally unregulated, because political
    zealots consider any regulation to be an attack
    on women's rights, but what about the rights
    of those women who would like to discretely place
    a baby up for adoption?
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    Hey guys. I'm a woman and I have a couple of things to say about this issue. I may get some negs on this but this is just my opinion.

    First off, let's not forget this is coming from a state that can't figure out how to use an electoral ballot, i.e. the last presidential election.

    Secondly, when it comes to making laws like this, a large portion of the time it's men making them. I'm not saying they don't have a right to have a say in their child's course of life but usually, when a child is being put up for adoption, it's for a good reason. Be it the father has skipped out or the mother doesn't feel, or isn't, fit enough to raise the child. There are many good people out there, who can't have children, who can love and provide for them.

    My feeling about the men/people making these laws don't know what it's like to walk in a woman's footsteps. If a woman has been raped, she is mortified and violated in the worst way. She feels so humiliated that often rapes don't get reported. What on earth makes these lawmakers think she will lay herself on the line and print this humiliation in the local paper? Furthermore, women don't want to publish their promiscuity either. Men aren't the only one's who want to keep their sexual relationships quiet.

    Perhaps if lawmakers got off their butts to give their brains some oxygen, we wouldn't have so many stupid laws. We don't want you to have abortions but we don't want to make it any easier for you go give the child up either....give me a break.

    We have more important things to worry about these days.

    Now I'm off my soap box. I'm sorry if I offended anyone but this is just my opinion.

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    I gotta agree that this law is ridiculous. I can't believe that they can legally demand anybody post anything like that in a public forum (newspaper).

    All this law will do is increase the rate of illegal abortions and/or increase illegal adoption rates if the woman gives birth.

    As for abortion, I have no feeling one way or the other on the subject. I tend to think a woman's body is her own and if abortion is her choice, who am I to say she can't, assuming she isn't married in which case there should be discussion.

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    Originally posted here by Curious_One
    First off, let's not forget this is coming from a state that can't figure out how to use an electoral ballot, i.e. the last presidential election........
    The last general election is ancient history; didn't you see Ms. Janet Reno and a bunch of confused onlookers trying to figure out how to make the NEW voting machines work? Hmmmmmmmmm?

    I knew this thread was going to be worth a laugh, when it mentioned Florida. Didn't know it would be a nervous, sad, laugh, however, at what looks to me like the epitome of legislative stupidity.

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    This certainly a ridiculous law. Make me boiling mad. -.-

    Not only does it infringe on a woman's right to privacy, but it also hinder their choice! A woman who would have decided on adoption may very well choose an abortion instead because fo this law.

    I'm pro-choice, and as all pro-choicers will tell you, we want to bring down the use of abortions (but if abortion is what they decide, then it's their choice), and this law may very well threaten the option of adopts for those who seek it out first in Florida.

    Though, I don't think this law will be around for very long. People in general aren't happy with it. You know how pro-choicers make a huge fuss over any option that is threatened in anyway. Well, we are making a huge fuss about it, and it's a fuss that pro-lifers are joining into as well. It seems to be the only issue where we currently see eye to eye.

    To each their own.

    Take care


    I don't know who came up with this law, but they are seriously damaging the chances adoption unknowingly.

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    Well I agree the law is ridiculous and humiliating. But as for people(the ones Curious pointed out) who aren't "fit" to have kids or care for their own, then perhaps they should get chastity belts and throw away the key.
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    We all seem to be in agreement that this law is stupid. However, I would like to go one step further and suggest that the woman be given the certain rights. Then that these rights are passed on to the adopting couple after the adoption is final.

    Let me refer to some recent cases where, during the adoption process, the biological sperm donor (cannot bring myself to use the term father here) has come forward and pushed for his "rights". Now, I am a man and pro-life and I think women should be encouraged to carry the child to term and if they are not able to care for the child or provide them a good nurturing environment be allowed to put their child up for adoption. Previously, before the lawyers started messing around, whoever the woman put on the birth certificate as the father was the father unless he challenged it. If she put no one then no one was obligated to help her support the child and no one had paternal rights to the child except her.

    I believe the mother should have these rights. I also believe that once she signs legal adoption papers she relinquishes these rights to the new parents. She does not have the right to change her mind down the road and try to get the child back.

    It does seem silly that a woman has a right to kill the child while still in the womb without having to seek out the father. However, she loses all rights to the destiny of the child once she gives birth.

    The only thing I like about this law is that it is so ridiculous and ludicrous that it is almost doomed to failure. Either in Florida or before higher courts. This law tramples the rights of women so flaggrantly it is laughable. Of course the danger is whether Florida can accurately count the votes of a nine judge panel
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    I agree with you for the most part SodaMoca5, but ahhh. . .whether these zygotes, fetuses (or what ever stage it is in) are children or not; or if abortion is "killing" is quite arguable. Though, lets not get into that aspect of it, else it may cause bad blood with some people :S and this post then may never end. That's all I wanted to say.

    Take care


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