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Thread: Let's all grow up...

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    Let's all grow up...

    You know, we've had a lot of 'kiddie' **** (pardon my french) happening around here lately, and all it has done is hurt the community as a whole. The purpose of the AP system, as I see it, is to reward those who make posts that are informative, helpful, or make a major contribution to the subject at hand, and punish those who post bad info, incite flaming, or seek info for illicit purposes. Like everyone else here, I have a streak of vanity running through my personality, and I would love to be one of the 'Top Ten' AP earners. But if I ever do make that list, I want to get there because I EARNED it, not because I joined up with a group of AP vigilantes who think they have the right to determine who stays and who goes i this community. And if I ever make that list, I don't want to stay on it by unjustly 'negging' anyone who appears to be earning more AP's than me. If I don't ever make the list, it's no big deal. I've got more than enough in my life to be proud of, accomplishments and contributions that have made a real difference to the community that I live in. I got out of high school and its popularity games a long time ago. While I realize that a great portion of the membership is considerably younger than myself, AO is a community that deals with real-world grown-up issues, and we all need to behave that way. Popularity contests and mud-slinging are for children and politicians....they have no place here.

    I've been asked in the past to join such groups. I've alway responded by saying that I am happy to give positives to posts that deserve them, but that I will not give negs just because someone asks me to. That kind of behaviour is wrong...no ifs, ands or buts about it. At one time I had a tendancy to seek out posts that were wrongly negged and apply my AP's to correct them....that was wrong too. So now it's time to do it the right way...give the post the points it deserves based purely on the merits of the post, not who wrote it or who asked you to assign points to it.
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    Nice post Allenb1963! To let you know, you did make the list, LMFAO. Anyways, nice post and I agree with everything you have said in it. I think that after the last few "senior bannings", people need to realize that JP will be weeding out the **** and it will stop. I think that newbies as well as senior members need to watch out because as JP has proven, newbie or senior, you **** (sorry for language) with the AP system or abuse it, or you pull some kiddie crap, you will be banned. Nice post all the same, and I'm sorry for the language. -- Jason Copeland

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    Agree wholeheartedly, Allenb. I've been negged for disagreeing with somebody on an issue. What's the point of a discussion if you don't have differing views? Without opposite views, you have a group of posters patting each other on the back for all being in agreement.

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    nice post ya,i agree with you that its realy annoying and should be baned

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    My protocol for giving out negative AP's is like this:
    If your post is a flame, flame-bait, encouraging immoral behavior, or is misleading or malevolently pointless, I MAY neg you. However, I refuse to neg someone for merely disagreeing with me, or having an unpopular opinion. I simply wish other AOers would do each other the same courtesy. Not to be a whiner but /whine/Past couple of days I've been negged on a few posts for outrageous reasons/whine/ and it's just sort of stupid if you ask me....
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    cant we all just get along

    i just say let JP do his job and which he seems to be doing a great one infact.. even i wouldnt have suspected him to ban the people he did

    --cheers to jp
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    Re: Let's all grow up...

    Originally posted here by allenb1963
    Like everyone else here, I have a streak of vanity running through my personality, and I would love to be one of the 'Top Ten' AP earners. But if I ever do make that list, I want to get there because I EARNED it
    Welcome to the list....Although it's a great honor, the novelty soon wears off.

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    Growing up. growing up. yes, it's time to use the system correctly and to "purge" it.
    We should put into the antipoints assignement box the message "be an adult, your power implicate responsabilities".
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    I forgot...and this may or may not have anythng to do with antipoints. Feel free to delete if it doesn't. I was warned via pm about making too many posts. The warning said that some people were taking offense, or might take offense, if I posted too much in a day. The poster wasn't threatening me and I don't remember who it was. I did take it to heart though and have backed off on responding to posts.

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    The warning said that some people were taking offense, or might take offense, if I posted too much in a day.
    Chuck56 I don't think the amount of posts that anyone makes in any given day, week, month, etc...means diddly squat to any "real member" of AO, and I do believe that I am speaking for the majority. If you post meaningful advice or ask for help or advice thats within AO's guidelines, then no-one will ever get upset. In essence you will be improving the overall state of this community by adding your input.

    allenb1963, all I can say is what others have already said in this thread, thanks for being a contributor to one of the best informative places on the internet...and congrats to you on your making the TOP 10...hurray!! /me bows in thine presence...LMFAO
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