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Thread: Ban the Antipoints.

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    Exclamation Ban the Antipoints.

    Hey Ho,

    Antipionts, is that all you guys care about, some people actually come here to learn you know, I shouldnt think they want to arse around with all that crap. Do the Antipoints Benefit anybody?

    Benefits : You can see who is good or bad
    You can see which posts are good or bad.

    Not Benefits : Waste of Time
    The cause of hundreds of pointless threads & posts.
    Some people get addicted and do everything/anything they can to get them

    This is all just my opinion, but why dont we make a version of the site without AP's and a version of the Site with AP's???

    That would solve the problem.


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    heh...this has been proposed countless times and I just don't see it happening. It's JP's baby and he loves it dearly. As the evidence suggests, he is committed to cleaning up the system. Just use it wisely and let it go....
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    sorry man, but I seriously doubt JP wants to create a mirror site, just with out the AP system. It would be a waste of time, and probably a huge hassle to keep up with both sites. The AP system, like everything else in life, is double-edged.
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    How come the only people who ever want to ban the AP system are always the people who don't have any.....hmmm am I maybe onto something here???
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    As much as this would be wanted by people, it has been suggested before and it won't happen. Also, this should be in the suggestions forum, shouldn't it? Sorry, I don't think JP will get rid of antipoints. Besides, JP is cleaning it up anyways, so let him do it. -- Jason Copeland

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    I like the idea of antipoints, if they're used correctly. I don't think they cause clutter. On the contrary, I think they keep clutter to a minimum. I participate in a lot of other forums, and this is one of the best kept I've ever found. The best way to avoio trouble is to not let it gain a foothold. If antipoints are used properly and fairly by the members who, after all, make up the forum, the problems inherent on other forums won't happen here.

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