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Thread: Screw AO IRC

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    Red face Screw AO IRC

    AO IRC is CRAP and I totally hold a sturdy judgment in opposition to how it is run. I am ill of how when I go to IRC and just converse I get kicked and banned for the dumbest of reasons! I have said the word **** in the past and got banned for it when numerous other members (just because of their place on AO) are treated much differently. Today I told JP that his mother looked pretty young as an admiring comment after seeing the pictures and I was kicked and banned for it. I msged JP about it and got NO response. When I rejoined the room on a different host and said how brainless it was to be kicked just for a compliment towards his mother in a respectful manner I get kicked by Louie saying quit whining then JP bans me. This is exceptionally dim-witted and that is my opinion on AO IRC. It is run by people who have little value for any person they don’t know on a personal level and are “trigger happy” morons.

    I don’t care where this post leads me in anyway on this site and if it gets me banned I say so be it will save me the trouble of having to put up with such arrogant behavior ever again. I needed to voice my opinion for all to read and this will in all likelihood get closed by JP due to the nature and contents of this thread concerning him. This will be my last thread on AO IRC and also the last time I will ever torture myself to the brainless chatter there.

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