Sorry I posted in the wrong forum before, so I'm cautious'll cut and paste. By the way I'm Dessdinova and a newbie here.

<<Whatever happened to Qbasic?

Hi, I'm a newbie here, and a newbie at programming. But that's only because I didn't persue my programming ambitions after my 9th birthday. Yeah, I was programming little zork style games back then. Now I'm 18, and I wish I had kept doing that stuff, because I'm getting interested in programming again. I remember using Qbasic through DOS... so I was just looking around the internet if I can find some Qbasic related stuff, and maybe even a program that would run in Windows or DOS, but all the links I click on are DEAD! The sites that do work have links in them that go to some weird personal page. I just wanted to catch up on 'old ties' but I understand that QBasic is old, and probably nobody uses them, but right now, being a renewed newbie, I need something to start with. Can anybody help?? thanks

oh I have Python, but I'm getting nowhere with that. I have yet to figure out how to even go to the next line without getting a syntax error>>