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Thread: Off topic content.....

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    Off topic content.....

    I am a newbie. Do not take me in wrong way. I do not have any wrong intentions and bad thoughts. Just keying in whats there in my mind.

    Here it is.....

    This person has been banned from AntiOnline, and as a result, all of their posts have been marked as Hidden. The user was banned for a reason, so this post may: promote illegal activities, contain flames, off topic content, and less-than-family-friendly language, among other things.
    In recent times many of our fellow AOers were banned stating the above reason. Is it?. Keeping the reasons aside, we miss them and their invaluable suggestions and solutions. The banned ones(familiar and with AO since long time) have plenty of APs in their pockets which reveals how worthy their posts were. Dont you think so?.

    But, rules act alike to everybody in the ever-growing forum.

    This arises some questions in my mind.

    1. Why to form alliances.
    2. Reason to hide a post.
    3. Is it necessary to keep this in Post Reply page.
    Hide this Post: If this post is a spoiler, or otherwise something that people might not want to see, check this box - they will see a link to open it instead of just seeing the post.
    There are chances for the banned ones to re-join us with the other identity and without repeating what was done earlier. Dont they?....

    Please clarify me. We all join this forum with an intention to learn and spread our knowledge further.


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    The reason mentioned in the 'This person has been banned...' box is not universal for every banned user. Sometimes, specifically in the cases of the more senior members, their banning has got absolutely nothing to do with the content in their posts.

    I would have to agree that those who were banned for AP abuse (or something else unrelated to their posts), yet made many legitimate, intelligent and helpful posts, should not have their posts hidden. I think this is quite a good idea. Maybe the 'all posts hidden' thing could be limited to those who have been auto-banned because of their low AP status, because usually (not always) their posts aren't that informative or enlightening.

    btw, yes, users who have been banned can simply rejoin and start anew. Everyone gets a second chance

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