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Thread: Zone Alarm update

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    Zone Alarm update

    I just downloaded the latest update for ZA, but now whenever I start up my computer, it wants to connect to the internet (lockup.zonealarm.com or something like that).
    Anyone know how I can stop this?
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    if you have a sniffer turn it on and let zonealarm connect where ever it wants and then check
    what it has sent.(if you don't have a sniffer :www.eeye.com download iris)
    most internet related sofware connect the internet to get updates or changes,also there
    are some features that can be used if you are only connected to a server which provides a sevice for that(whois,hacker tracking,.....)
    some advanced firewalls connect a server to lookup your ip and then they will change it to
    another thing so others can not find you easily.
    another thing you have not mensioned your version of ZA so i can not exactly tell you what is going on or what to do.
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    djhuk > Posting a thread tow times is not a good idea !
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    it is when you're not getting answers in one forum. and at least its not a bloody antipoints topic

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    There is a setting that you can change that will stop this for you. I'm sorry that I cannot remember exactly where it is, but I believe it was one of the options in what I recall to be the 'overview' tab that was allowing ZA to automatically check for updates. Hope this helps.
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