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    cat & mouse games at work

    WASHINGTON -- IT managers who want to control workplace Internet use have a new adversary: a San Diego-based company that makes it possible for people to surf anonymously.
    Anonymizer Inc. last month released a new version of its product, Private Surfing 2.0, and coupled it with a bold marketing claim: "Surf at work without being monitored."

    Don't they have any real work to do?
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    I read someplace that the average office worker spends less than 4 hrs of their day actually working. It used to be water cooler chit chat. Now, the Internet messengers seem to have taken over. They can sit at their desks and look like they're working. I guess businesses never noticed before how much time their employees spent talking. No matter what anybody does, about anything, somebody will find a way around it.

    I work at home. I make my own hours. As long as the work is done, that's what matters. I average about 5 hrs a day working, which seems to be within the workplace norm.

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