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Thread: difficult login to antionline

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    difficult login to antionline

    after I have typed in my ID and password I cannot continue on. The following page after that doesn't load properly or it comes up blank even after I have hit refresh. What am I doing wrong. How can I correct this problem? Auntie
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    Blank page? Sometimes happens to me as well. I don't know how or why. But usually clearing the temp internet files will do the trick for me, if that doesn't do it, restart.

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    Happens to me as well. I frequently get a blank white page that just won't load or refresh. The site seems to have been running very sluggishly and having a lot of page loading problems for me in the last month or so.
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    Yeah, me to. Mostly clearing the internet files does the trick, sometimes not. But what do you want with 120.000 members.

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    well I dont have any issues...

    and this original issue is like 5 years old

    as for a white list...talk to your admin about adding AO...may be blocked

    I would also clear your cookies...

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    Closing the thread as it's a bit old and likely fixed. New issues should have new threads created.
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