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Thread: missing system file

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    missing system file

    my PC was infected by the subseven backdoor program but with the help of my anti-virus program i could remove it but there was an infected system file(mtmtask) in the windows directory which the AV has spotted and deleted but when i switch on my PC an error message appears saying that mtmtask is missing,make sure that mtmtask and all the essential libraries are present

    if somebody know what the @#$% does this mean,please tell me,thanks

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    It seems to be related to the virus. Check shell = in system ini (do a search on google for more details).


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    It is because the related path are still be present in windows startups eg. system.ini like what dspeidel said.
    go to Start Menu | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Information | tools | system configuratin utility and searh for the path and remove it.

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    I think you might just be able to reinstall windows, and it will automaticly fix it. or Norton System Utilities might find/fix it.

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