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Thread: Microsoft .Net server

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    Microsoft .Net server

    Anyone here familiar with .net server? My friend just got it all installed and set up and now he is just tweaking a few things and he got stuck and I dont know the answer so I thought maybe someone here does.

    What we cant seem to get past is the option : end tasks on disconnect: now it is at yes and he wants it no ( see screenshot if unfamiliar ) . Oh I should add that this is for a telnet server

    Any ideas on what the command is to make that yes

    * I am not interested in hearing about the insecuritys *
    * of telnet, I am aware of this and am just looking for *
    * a answer to the question!!! *
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    It's a registry hack. I believe it's enabled by default. The reason it is is so that if you shut down or restart the server, any tasks running in the background will automatically be closed properly to ensure a proper shut down.


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