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Thread: My concern

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    My concern

    Im becomeing concerned about a few things here at AO, although I am new I would like to share some of my thoughts.

    I can see that the moderators and JP are all very busy at keeping this site a freindly place to share our knowledge of security.

    Noticeing that some of the members who Join AO may be comeing with a false image of hacking, and many of those people do not read or neglect to read the Terms of service and the FAQ before posting. I would hope that I am at a safe level so that I don't also become a banned member.

    An example would be the tutorial section where only origional work of your own creation is to be posted.

    To remedy the situation of new members neglecting to read TOS and FAQ, It might not be a bad Idea to for example

    when a new member makes his first post, have the TOS and fourm rules displayed to him/her for their very first post, but instead of letting them click the accept button, make it activate only after the scroll bar has reached the bottom....

    Sometimes when I am installing new shareware in my computer the TOS is displayed but I cant click accept untill I move the scroll bar all the way to the bottom. I dont know if this would be relitively easy to be implemented in php as I have no experince in that aspect.

    But maybe we might also have a timed interval, or..if the scroll bar moves to quickly have it scroll backward.

    Maybe I am being totaly rediculus and silly, Feel free to voice your opinions.

    But my idea is to somehow, somewhere have it so that it may try to enforce the reading of the TOS.

    so maybe grey out the accept button untill the scroll bar reaches the botom and if the scroll bar moves too fast have it go backward a bit.

    I know that the first idea has been done by some of the installers that come with demo software, it may be alot of work,


    Help save our comunity.

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    A lot of different suggestions have been voiced over the last few months, and honestly, it just comes down to the fact that many people who join are just plain lazy and don't want to read the FAQ. If they don't, they'll soon learn the ropes as they get hit with negatives if/when they ask questions regarding how to hack, etc. The best way to "save" the community is to simply keep providing positive contributions and setting a good example for newbies who may not know exactly what this community is about.


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    I think it would be a great idea to push the TOS more proactively rather than waiting for the newbie to post and get flamed over it to learn the hard way. But then when I think about it a little more, it makes me think about other things that have TOS or warnings. Most people, including adults (we have some youg and talented folks participating in the community here), know that sites like this will have an agreement of some sort. That said, they should be adult enough or mature enough - pardon me - to look for and read the agreement/TOS before posting and without JP and the AO crew having to make unnecessary changes to the site. I mean, I haven't run into a site of this nature that does not have a readily available agreement of some sort. I think that people learn how to use this site relatively quickly as it is very user-friendly and straightforward in it's setup. JMO...not to say that it wouldn't be a good idea if it got to be a real problem where too many resources were being used to correct misunderstandings based on not reading the TOS.
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    Good concern. At this point i would like to mention my fellow AOer's opinion.

    Originally posted by powertoad5000

    But seriously, two astoundingly stupid questions in quick succession - can't somebody fix the keywords and metatags?
    Also fix the title bar - "Hacking and Hackers" - can you blame s'kiddies for asking questions like this?

    This is also one of the reason which make a perception that this is site for getting tips for hacking. Keeping this in mind, the newcomers ignore ToS and FAQ.

    A lot of different suggestions have been voiced over the last few months, and honestly,...
    I strongly urge JP and moderators to look in to the issue.

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    I think AJ67's idea has merit. I read the instructions, then spent time reading many of the various threads before I ever made my first post. You do learn fairly quickly and, fortunately, most folks here are polite enough to gently point a newbie in the right direction if they're off topic. I don't think I'd ever neg somebody who I can see is brand new with only a few posts under their belt, especially if their post was good, even if in the wrong place.

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    This thread would be suited better to Site Suggestions.

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