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Thread: visual C#

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    visual C#

    hello everybody

    I have a question about c# language
    I currently making a new component to the c# library, but I need to
    split that component into multiple PE (portable Executable) files
    I do not know how can I do this.............

    my compiler tool is Microsoft Visual C#
    and my developement platform is Windows 2000

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    I'm not sure, but here goes:
    You have to create several .dll files, and then import each of these into the GAC. The GAC is what you call c# libraray, but it's actually the .Net library. To import files into the GAC you have to run the gacutil.exe. Use the /i parameter and then the filename, like this: gacutil /i myfile.dll. The component should now be available to include in a project under

    To create a component (dll), you have to choose 'classlibrary' when choosing a new project.

    If this is not what you asked for, ******** and I'll try to look it up in my big book of .Net

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    Thumbs up thnx


    I think that's what I search 4..

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