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Thread: Using of Telnet

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    Using of Telnet

    Can anyone tell me of how can I use the telnet to get into the mainframe where I am our server name is : students.uzulu.ac.za, so I don't know of how to use the telnet. or if anyone has got a tutorial please help me .

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    don't EVER use telnet ver the internet !!!

    It has no encryption what so ever, so your passwords will be visible for all that sniff on any gateway between you and the server !!

    Use SSH instead !!
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    First of all, do what the_Jinx sais. SSH is comparable with Telnet, but it more secure. Telnet though is part of Windows (which I assume you're using), SSH is not. You'll have to download some program if you want to use that.

    Anyways, telnet:
    Open your start menu, and select 'run'. Type "telnet students.uzulu.ac.za" (without the quotes) and hit enter. A new window will popup, asking you for your username and password. That's it.
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    Yeah, I will have to agree with that. SSH is definitely a better option - more secure. If you want to see for yourself, setup a sniffer/protocol analyzer on your machine and telnet to anything - you will see your username and password be communicated in wide open cleartext...scary thought - especially over the internet!
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    And since nobody said it already, please choose the correct forum next time. Just trying to save you some negs.....
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