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Thread: Projection Keyboard.

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    Projection Keyboard.

    Finger cramps from typing into mobile phones or PDAs could be a thing of the past following the launch of a full-sized keyboard made out of light.

    This could really be of use, but how will it handle the people with "fat finger syndrome". Has anyone worked with anything similair or tested the product? I am very interested in hearing what others have to say.

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    Interesting idea. I don't think it would work too well for me, though. I need to have some kind of response/feedback from what I'm typing on to let me know that the key I wanted to hit has been pressed. Just smacking my fingers on the table wouldn't give me the impression that I was actually doing anything.

    There are some other alternatives to the good old Graffiti and stylus for most PDA's, however:

    The collapsable keyboard from Targus.
    The half-keyboard
    The thumb keyboard
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    I am also interested in the speed resonse of the keyboard. If it is slow, it would remind me of the early and mid 80's where compaines made computers the the Sinclair. The keyboard was flush with the surface and you could not type as fast as one would with a normal keyboard.

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    It sounds sweet to me. I would use it. I am always tapping my fingers on the table anyhow so it would not be anything new to me in that aspect.
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    I've seen a picture of the prototype for that before... I think it was in Popular Science or something. Very neat, but the attached picture there is obviously a bit 'creatively enhanced to confer understanding'

    I like the idea of flat bendy keyboard which you can roll up instead (they have 'em already), at least for applications which have slightly less mobile aspects.
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    i think it would be pretty cool evenbetter than the silicone keyboards since you would not have to worry about the wires breaking.
    plus it would sort of make it harder for others to see your keystrokes. might be good for security.
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