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Thread: Come in take a look

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    Come in take a look

    Hey, i am right now putty up a forum. I was wondering if any one wants to join.
    Its not a form only based on hacking, but diffrent stuff.
    The url is virtuallyblind.redirectme.net/phpBB2
    Right now im using dydns(dynamic domain name server) because my ip is always changing.

    Ow my msn handle is:stairclimmer@hotmail.com
    Mabey someone wants to put a wargame up with me

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    Aeolus, the URL does not work.

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    Works now, but when I go to your home page, I get an ad for a credit card or something. Is this intentional?

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    kinda, but rember im using dydns

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    There are better ways to advertise your website, put it in your sig or something.

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