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Thread: What is up with this site...

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    Question What is up with this site...

    I've been away for a few weeks, 1 or 2 and I have one question. What is with all the bans? Is it the Antipoints things. I have an opinion... Everyone stops having these big "Antipoints War" and give antipoints where they are need. If someone tells something informative, and a good tut, they get points, that, and only that, I don't understand why people need all these points... they're just that, point, they're not based on knowledge.

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    If you want to find out about the recent bans, check out the threads relating to why each individual was banned. In short, the senior members were banned because of abusing the system and/or just plain pissing JP off. He has enough to deal with already without everyone's whining...


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    All threads like this will be closed.

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