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    How do I remove a linux partion?

    If I'm dual booting between xp and linux (redhat 7.3), how can I get rid of the linux partion altogether and use that space for xp again? Thanks

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    If you don't have a boot manager (such as LILO or Grub) and your XP partition is your root drive/partition, it's a piece of cake. Just open up Windows XP, go into your Computer Management tool (found under Administrative Tools) and reformat the drive with the Linux partition(s). There ya go. If you have a boot manager, it's a little more complicated... If you have Linux as your master, then it's even more work... some more information would help...


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    Actually, removing a boot manager like lilo or grub is as easy as fdisk /mbr. But there's really no need to get rid of the Linux boot manager if all you want to do is reclaim the partition space - unless it just bothers you.

    [EDIT] I just looked on an XP machine I happen to be sitting at at the moment, and it seems that XP doesn't include the old fdisk, so I guess you'd have to do that from a '98 boot disk or something.
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    well one easy way is just to use a linux boot disk and act like you are installing, and delete the linux partition. then if needed get a dos boot disk and set boot at the windows partition. bleh why do you want to delete linux dude? it owns xp. hardcore.

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    hi SolidPez,

    Win XP.
    right click My Computer > manage > storage management
    Here u can delete the intended partition.

    #fdisk /dev/hda
    this shows the partitions u have.Note the number of linux partitions (eg. /dev/hda6 )
    this will prompt u to select a number.Give the number of the partition u want to delete.
    After all linux partitions are deleted

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    well even though xp doesn't contain the old fdisk command there is another way.
    all you have to do is boot up off of ur windows xp cd and tell it to go to the "recovery console" then when u get to a prompt type "fixmbr" and that will remove lilo or grub, or what ever else is there
    hope this helps

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