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    Cyber Security Strategy Plan

    I would really suggest everyone take a look at the new draft for the Cyber Security Strategy Plan, as Security Professionals this plan will effect you as an individual. I have provided a link to the .pdf file.From what the critics are saying the plan, still only in draft form, is too soft on the technology industry. Are these "pretty please recommendations" as one security expert called them? Or is it guidance without using the the "heavy hand" of government. Should it be tougher on the industry?.

    Originally stated On New York Times By Marc Rotenberg, director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center"It's hard to find a security approach that will simultaneously solve the problems of ice storms, software glitches, Al Qaeda, faulty operating systems and spam. But in almost any scenario, less emphasis should be placed on monitoring and more on reliability."
    An interesting comment, I think.

    What is your opinions on this topic, how do you feel about the plan? As security professionals, we should actively voice our opinions on this topic. It will effect us all sooner or later, and you might as well voice now, before you end up complaining later.

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    Good posting. But I think... (1) it has been discussed in America and Cybersecurity news and (2) it should go in AO General Chit Chat or Miscellaneous Security Discussions, not Cosmos.

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    I've noticed this topic isn't as hot of a topic as it should be. It seems like people in security are just looking to have restrictions issued to them in order to follow, rather than putting in thier own personal techniques or suggestions. This is a Computer Security Based Community (correct?). What are your opinions on this subject matter?

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    Tek Weasel, there is a group of us here discussing the bill and making changes to it as we see fit. We are going to present the details to them when we are finished. To join the conference send me a private message. This goes out to everyone who would like to be involved.

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