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Thread: SPAM by proxy

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    SPAM by proxy

    Just a little FYI for the admins of the community. I read an interesting article concerning the latest method spammers are using to cover their tracks....hijacking proxy servers. We are all aware of how some companies (especially M$) tend to design their software to install in a wide open fashion, ie insecure by default. I have no doubt that the vast majority of admins in this community have their rears covered on this one, but I felt it wise to go ahead and post this little 'heads up' anyway....better safe than sorry. Take a look at the article, and if you haven't taken the steps to lock down your company's proxy server, by all means do so....millions of spam victims will appreciate your efforts.
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    This has been done for a while. Check out the NANE news group and you will hear about it alot. Good thing you placed this info here though. Not many admins read the NANAE group.

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    Most spammer's these day's use that sort of technique not to get caught, but also so that they can further do it longer and more extensive. Also, in doing it, they can further their advertising and spamming to a complete maximum. Again, they also won't be caught. Thank's for the article allenb! -- Jason Copeland

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