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Thread: Slapper III

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    Slapper III

    Just an FYI, a third variant of Slapper is out there pummeling apache servers.
    Just a reminder, patch those Apaches!

    Article here.

    Article also has some links out there regarding Slapper.

    BTW: Slapper creator was arrested in the Ukraine.

    Article here.

    More details on the Slapper worm, and affected versions of apache, mod_ssl, and openssl, can be found here.

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    and the way to get rid of the worm..

    (or atleast detect it's prescence)

    ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI.
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    I'm really getting tired of this slapper worm. It got hold of my friend Travis Parker's network and it really messed him up by using his servers to DoS another site. I'm really glad the creator got caught.

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