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Thread: We are the west, we are the IP

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    We are the west, we are the IP

    as found here

    Software companies must take a more socially responsible attitude to the developing world, or reap the consequences.

    A distinguished group of academics, government representatives and businesspeople this week came out with a set of recommendations which, if taken seriously by governments around the world, could have a drastic effect on the software industry.
    I found this a realy good and encouraging article..
    Again a small loophole has been created in the restrictions of software useage..

    Whatever the claims for protection of intellectual property in the West, copyright laws have-- with a few exceptions like Bollywood--failed to stimulate the growth of copyright-protected industries in the developing world, according to the Commission on IP Rights.
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    Very interesting article. Declare the shrink wrap contracts void, encourage reverse engineering. The software companies would spend millions to fight this legislation. The only scary thing is Government support for Open Source. Seems that whenever the Government starts to support something they also decide to start to mess with it. Before you know it we would have Republicanix and Democratnix, except for the few of us insisting on using Libertarianix. Soon there would have to be a new NGOS (Non-Gov Open Source) movement.

    I must agree though that India shows that 3rd world countries should not be associated with a lack of competence and intelligence. To open the internet and computer technology to new and resourceful people from these countries could only help the technical community. Also to bring information to these countries can only help them to grow and develop faster. Something that would be positive for all nations. It would be even better if we could get this freedom of information into those nations that restrict knowledge of the outside world to their own state owned and operated sources.

    I believe that as people see the possibilities they will learn to break out of their circumstances. Then there will be those who can even see beyond our possibilities and they will give us the ability to strive to their even higher understanding.

    Yes, this is pie in the sky but at least the effort should be made and the resources made available.
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