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Thread: Backdoor's -- Just a question

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    Backdoor's -- Just a question

    I've just a question to get a more clear understanding on what exactly is a backdoor.
    What does it consist of? I mean, is it just one thing or are there many variables to it?
    Does it have to be a virus? Or could it be the knowledge of addresses on a website, etc?

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    Well, a backdoor can contain virus-like routines, but that is rare. A backdoor is (usually) client-server, where the attacker installs the server on the victim's box via masqurading as something useful (such as a game, e-mail attachment, some pr0n viewer, software crack, ...). Once the victim executes the code, the server is also activated, and the attacker via client software has total control over the victim.

    And yes, there can be many variables as far as trojans are concerned, mainly in the way it installs itself, starts up, and other things, but most of the time, backdoors on Wintel boxes are in the RUN portion of the registry and the server located in the SYSTEM/WINNT folder. The names, port numbers and ways the server hides itself are numerous...

    Hope this helps.

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    but that brings another question to mind. Is it manditory to use client-server software to be able to "perform"
    And what about backdoors for websites, is it the same thing?

    -thanks for your post

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    Well, most backdoor's are client server. I have heard of backdoors that install into a computer and you enter a password to get in, which bypass'es firewalls and such. Hope I helped..

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    You could find more information, tutorials, Removal appls and backdoors! at : http://www.tlsecurity.net/ Or AntiOnline.com's file archive.

    BTW, Do not forget www.google.com

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    but that brings another question to mind. Is it manditory to use client-server software to be able to "perform" operations?
    Not all the time, but is not the case for client/server trojans. These are in a class of destructive/timed trojans that do not replicate, but do something such as delte files, spew paper from a printer, or flip your screen every month. Also, the little chase-me button games and fake formats can also be classified as prank trojans. These are not smart because there is no human factor invloved.

    A good example of no human interaction (therefore non client/server) is the "Death Penalty Suite" and is described here http://www.glocksoft.com/trojan_list...alty_Suite.htm

    Hope this helps.

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    And what about backdoors for websites, is it the same thing?
    if the website backdoors you are talking about are like these http://backdoors.to/ you can find an answer for your question here:


    the above discription is somewhat focused on the particular backdoors available at their site, basicaly they are just ways of doing things that are otherwise not alowed. Simular to finding exploits.

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    Sometimes (Closed Source) programmers build in backdoors in their own software to be able to gain access to "their babies" at any givven time (or have I been watching to much Sci-Fi)

    I think that's where the name came from: You can sell the house and give the new ppl the keys, but still keep a key to the backdoor
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