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Thread: Unix Firewall

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    Question Unix Firewall

    Help needed

    I have problems setting up my firewall! At first I was configuring it with a gui (brichouse) for the unix firewall. The firewall ships native with MacOsX in unix. Evrything works find except that I can't send files with msn messenger. I have the port numbers nesessery for the opertaions but I'm not 100% sure of how to insert the lines in the command prompt of unix I think it' something like:

    "add tcp portnumber allow any to any" but what comes after that or is that all i need? an also

    can i insert a range of port number on one row for exampel

    "add tcp 6000-7000 allow any to any..."?
    (thats not the ports I'm intrested in adding)

    or do I have to insert every one individually? If anyone can help that would be great. It seems that every time I post a question that question gets answered but the follow up question that arrise are often if not allways neglected. I tried a search in the forums but nothing came up if there is a thread were this is disscused please point me to it.

    Thats it for now goodbye and thank you for the fish.
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    I was going to ask exactly what firewall it was (ipfw) but found the info and found somewhere better to ask (as there isn't that many OS X users here).

    Give a try at http://brianhill.dyndns.org/phpBB/

    The FAQ would probably be a good place to start. Hope this helps.
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