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Thread: Trojan List

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    Trojan List

    Hello, I found this yesterday at work. It is a detailed list of ports and trojans that access these ports. I found it to be very interesting and worth taking a look at. Every bit of security know-how helps. Here it is.

    Trojan List
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    That's a lot of trojans! I wonder how many of them actually is in use.... I couldn't find any trojan older than 5 years so they could all be lurking around somewhere.

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    thats a good list lektor, and very informative. im going to be using that for reference now.. especially after i got the telnet.exe trojan a bit ago.. and couldnt get rid of it. reformatting w00t. hehe that was a while ago.

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    that was an EXCELLENT find. thanks. it came at the right time... unfortunately! : (
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    Great post. Someone outta merge that list into a standard /etc/services file. Hey, wait, I'm somebody....
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    Cool tools

    Some cool toolz on my list include Nmap which can be found at www.insecure.org
    and nessus www.nessus.org these security toolz are linux based and are great at spotting opened ports in some cases these toolz can remote guess and operating system via ack syn ack 3 way handshake . I feel that open port like 12345 which is a known trojan port can be tested via these toolz . a good antivirus for win based systems is fprot www.f-secure.com this will spot potential trojan activity I hope i have been some help to someone out there.


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