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Thread: Banning question

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    Banning question

    I was looking at some old posts and noticed that netsyn and remote_access have been banned along with some other members. Why is everyone being banned? Is there a reason other than JP's feelings were hurt? If they were trying to bring down the site ,cause harm, or put up very lewd material,I can see why they would be banished.

    I understand this site is a dictatership, but couldn't banned members have some sort of trial such as a hearing where all the facts are presented and defended against and AO members could vote on the banishment (1 vote per member)?

    Many of them share their knowledge with the rest of the AO community, helping newbies like me. That's what this site is about, sharing knowledge - not personal agendas.

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    From what I have read about it in other threads those that were banned were banned because of AP abuse... They joined together to bosst their own AP status and they would gang up and neg those they deemed unworthy... I would say that fits the definition of a personal agenda wouldn't you?
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