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Thread: Testing issue

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    Testing issue

    To begin i am new with Unix. My team leader asked me to do testing on our main unix cluster. Now when I do our outlined tests (one being a telnet test to find weak passwords) I find a match with user/name and password. So I tell him, and he doesnt believe me. So i attempt to login to show him how bloody smart I am LOL and it fails but the testing software says it is a match? Anyone have any ideas, i look bad and wanna know why this is happening.

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    Not much detail here, but, if the 'weak' password you found belongs to 'Root' you will not be able to telnet to the box as root. (most *nix systems reject that out right). If it is Root, go to the console and try the password from there.


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    It would be very helpful if you would say what programs you are using to 'telnet test to find weak passwords', this would at least help us understand exactly what you are doing.

    With that being said, my question for you is, why are you using telnet to test usernames/passwords and not running the tests locally with a password grinder ? It would be infinitely faster and do a thorough job?

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