I've just tried VMWARE 3.2 software for LINUX...for some reason.
I wanna know what is the "different" between..... using VMWARE software to have dual booting OSes (LINUX and XP) and using of manual partition to have dual booting OSes without VMWARE software.

#This VMWARE software was good but..when.. I've tried to play game in my XP and I've tried some of 3D application (XP is my guest operating system in my LINUX )...that game and 3D not working very well....ughhhhhhhhhhh.
I've been thinking..maybe if I can make configuration...or bridging of using WINE that "games/3D" will work???. I might need expert suggestion to play around with WINE...hmm..any advised??.

# I've play around with this VMWARE software..and this software was amazing I can installed 3 OSes without problem...{ I've already have dual OSes(RH LINUX,XP) before I've installed VMWARE In my LINUX and after I 've got VMWARE...I tried install MANDRAKE LINUX..in my RH LINUX....and it's works....that's..perfect..}.

# Without VMWARE software to have multiple OSes its's good to..I don't have problem with "games or 3D application".
But the the think is...I have to choose..which OS I wanna use..which is a little bit problem..I have to go to bootloader(GRUB) to choose OS, but anyway this is the good way to have multiple OSes without buying VMWARE software.

So now I have to do "homework" to make configuration of WINE in LINUX.....and I hope someone out there..can help me out...