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Thread: Police raid edonkey servers

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    Police raid edonkey servers

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    Like many said, the police, RIAA, and many other authorities are going after p2p programs, clients, and servers. By "raiding" e-donkey's servers, I think they are trying to send a message saying that we will come for you and your p2p.. However, I still stand with what I have posted before and that is this: The RIAA and Law Enforcement will not defeat p2p.. That is strickly JMHO.. -- Jason Copeland

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    First,I'd like to say that I don't see what the police or anybody else thinks they are going to do about P2P.They're just wasting their time,jail space,and peoples tax dollars any time they do something like this.
    Second,and I didn't neg you because it's only your second post,when you post something like that,don't just post the link.The whole point of these forums are to share knowledge and opinions,so add a little commentary to your posts.
    If you didn't comment because your scared of getting negs for your opinion,you'll probably get even more negs for not putting an opinion in your post.
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    Yeah, I would have to agree with gghornet because of the fact that I like hearing everyone's opinion on these kinds of topics. Aside from that, maybe you can post your feelings/opinion on the subject. Also, I agree with gghornet that the police, IMO, are wasting their time and money. Again, my opinion. I'd love to hear others.. -- Jason Copeland

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    I'd have to say that p2p probably won't be beaten and the RIAA is fighting a losing battle. By doing this, like JC said, they are trying to send a message that we will shut you down. However, I believe that they won't shut down p2p.

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    I think that this action is just wrong. IMHO, i think that all p2p users ought to lay low for a while and let the riaa blow some steam. If noone uses it for a while, then they can't nab anyone Then, when they forget, say about 6 months or so, then start sharing again. Like jc said, they aren't going to stop the sharing, however, it it slows to about nil, they will forget it and then it can pick up again.
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    Of course the artists should get paid for their work, but the record compaines are not doing this for the artists, they are working for their own self interest. I don't think that the current way that they are trying to resolve this issue is going to work.

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    Didn't know what edonkey was so clicked the link and it was some kind of bbs. apparently it was not the police who raided the places and shut down the two servers, it was some business owner / or/ representatives using some kind of psuedo-legal excuse that is actually civil in nature. That's what i got after reading the posts there, it appeared they were swapping files of some kind, probably music or something.
    JMHO, AO'ers, but if i were a private business trying to raid a private home or office in the USA without benefit of uniformed officers and a search warrant, i'd be wearing a double suit of armor including bulletproof helmet, leggins and boots, 'cause it would be quite probable that the citizens being unlawfully raided would be perforating me like a piece of swiss cheese otherwise.
    ... and i wouldn't want it any other way, as a matter of fact!

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    Even if they were able to shut down all the pp servers every where it wouldn't stop file sharing it would just go back to the p2p snneker style that we "old folks" had back in the days before the PC and the internet...

    I think the cops were involved Old Man... according to the link on the eDonkey site... It went on to say that there was also a judge, a so called computer expert who didn't seem to know jack s**t, and a guy from the ani-piracy group...

    In an unprecedented move, the Danish police has shut down at least six servers on the eDonkey2000 network on Monday (Heise has a German summary). eDonkey-servers are similar to Napster servers -- they do not host any actual files (and unlike Napster, eDonkey indexes much more than just music). Apparently, Danish police acted under pressure from the anti-piracy group, Antipiratgruppen. One of their representatives even accompanied the police raid on one eDonkey server operator's home.
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    I believe that what we are seeing with the RIAA and p2p is the effort of an outdated middleman to once again reassert itself and defend its only source of revenue: the sale and distribution of music and other media. The Internet is benefiting the consumer enormously and it is doing this by eliminating middlemen like the recording industry and their distributors because they are obsolete due to more streamlined methods of distribution. What is taking place is progress on a giagantic scale and I dont believe that any act of the police, RIAA or any other group will be able to stop it.

    I think that the recording industry has become to commercialized with bands and songs no longer being created out of inspiration and talent but instead being artificially manufactured and polished. The Beatles were one of the greatest bands in history yet they wrote their own songs and were not brought together by a bunch of so called professionals and then given songs, which were written by someone else. They instead wrote songs that were the expression of themselves and a small glimpse into their soul, which is the true goal in my mind of all forms of artistic expression, to express thoughts and feelings in ways, which words cannot. I think that the end of the recording industry as it exists now and the success of p2p file sharing will bring some of this back.

    I am probably way off base here but hey like JC said this is an opinion thread.

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