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Thread: i stupidly installed a trojan on my pc...now what?

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    i stupidly installed a trojan on my pc...now what?

    my friend send me a trojan through an email attachment and now i gota trojan in my pc....aint that some sh1t........now i cant reinstall my mcafee virus scanner.....what can i do to fix this huge problem......please help....

    i installed the virus scanner and it deleted the trojan....but when i try to re install it it does not let me....it says an error that the intallation failed even do mcafee seems to work..i'm confused right now....some1 please help

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    First, stop posting the same message in different forums. Second, what are you trying to reinstall? What doesn't let you get in where? Be a little more specific, please.
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    At what point does the installation stop?If you want help,people have to have the info to help you.What prompted you to uninstall the scanner and then try to install it again?When you uninstalled it did you use the uninstall program,or did you delete it manually?
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    www.moosoft.com -- aka the cleaner.
    it cleans trojans.
    do that and also under regedit: HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\run
    take out anything there that you dont know or recognize.
    If you dont know what regedit is or what HKLM is DONT go there.
    if you are running windows 98/me then start-> run-> msconfig and check the startup.

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    don't panic!

    well this is not such big deal so don't panic,trojans are just like other programs you install
    on your pc with the difference that they are a little bit harmful.
    if your operating system is windows based do these steps one by one:

    1.if you have a firewall turn it on and connect your ISP ,the firewall will soon start wanning
    that a none system program is sending information from your computer to an IP address .
    grab the name of that program(most trojans have names like blah32.exe and they are in folders like windows/system , widows/ ,windows/sytem32 ....)stop the progie(your firewall has a feature that you can use to stop any program that is using your TCP/IP connection.

    2.search your computer for files with that name.

    3.restart your computer in safe mode

    4.delete the trojan(file/s you found on last step)

    5.run regedit.exe

    6.search the registry for these words(run and runonce)

    7.if you found the file name listed anywhere in these places(run or runonce)delete those keys
    that have values like c:\windows\sytem[trojan name].exe or drive:\folder\[trojan name].exe

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