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Thread: Installing/Configuring WINEXIT.SCR

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    Automatically Logging User Out of WinNT & Win2K Workstations

    I was reading through the threads and came by this Post. The user was looking for a way to set the machine to auto log out after X amount of time. This is easily accomplished with the program he mentioned WinExit.Scr, and is also effective for both Windows NT and Windows 2000 workstations. You can obtain WinExit.Scr Here, or from the Windows NT Resource Kit.

    Step 1.) Load the file WinExit.scr onto your system, C:\WINNT\System32\ (or where ever your system keeps the other .scr files.)

    Step 2.) Right-click Winexit.scr and select Install.

    Step 3.) The Display Properties dialog opens at the Screen Saver tab, with the Logoff Screen Saver highlighted.

    Step 4.) Configure the Wait time.

    Step 5.) Press Settings.

    Step 6.) Check the Force application termination box to terminate running programs.

    Step 7.) Set Countdown for to the number of seconds you want the logoff dialog box to display before logging the user off.

    Step 8.) In the Logoff Message box, type the message that will appear in the logoff dialog box.

    Step 9.) Press OK.

    Step 10.) Press Preview.

    Step 11.) Press Cancel.

    Step 12.) Press Apply and OK.

    NOTE: The Force application termination option causes programs with unsaved data to quit. If you don't check this option, programs without unsaved data will be terminated, but programs with unsaved data won't terminate and the user will NOT be logged off.

    Force application termination: ON = Complete Log Out
    Force application termination : OFF = Account Locked

    I hope this helps!

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    Thank you, I originally had this problem, and was looking for methods to run under Win2K. I was not aware that the programs under the WinNT resource kit would work on Win2K, and I only had the Win2K Server Resource kit available. - great eye..

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