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Thread: Sound help.

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    Sound help.

    Hey all,
    Well I need help with my sound, in fact I think its the lack of sound that makes me go mad!
    Basically I have a Packard Bell and ever since I got it I havent had sound. I tried changing the driver for the sound card

    Intel AC'97 Audio Controller - Sigma Tel Codec
    MPU-401 Compatilbe Midi Device.

    Basically a little yellow warning sign comes up in the Device Driver,

    Ive tried everything like messing around with the settings but nothing will work.

    Anybody got any ideas or had sound problems? How did you fix it?

    All help mucho appreciated!

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    If you've installed the latest drivers and it's still not working I would have tried another sound-card. I never had any trouble with sound either in Windows nor Linux. I thought sound-cards were pretty basic and shouldn't cause much hassle. Maybe I've been lucky...

    Or you could take your sound-card and put it in another box and see what happens. That's how I usually 'debug' hardware-stuff. Good Luck!

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    First thing which OS are you running. How PnP works depends upon the OS. Is this an older computer or fairly new. Also by the drivers this looks to be an on-board sound card so (if it is) if you install another card you may have to disable the on-board in the bios. Furthermore, the on board sound may be disabled in the BIOS. You should check to make sure it isn't.

    Other things to try (based upon you OS which you didn't supply): Check the properties to find out why the device is not working properly. Is there a conflict? If there is a conflict find the device that is conflicting and try to disable that, start up the system and see if the sound card works. If it does then force the IRQ to be used with the sound card. Many sound cards can use multiple IRQ's (usually 5, 7, or 10 I believe) but older or cheaper ones often require IRQ 5. If there are no conflicts then try adding the device as a basic Sound Blaster 16. The SB16 drivers work for many different sound cards.

    I would try these first and if they don't work please give more info next time. OS is a must plus amount of RAM etc could be helpful.

    Hope this helps.
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    if its in a pci slot try moving it to a different pci slot. in my past experience, packard bell have been troublesome to get working when they break.

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