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    Greatz ppl
    Does anyone know of a compiler that can compile exploits white errno.h , stdio.h
    librarys etc , for windows ????
    And where to download it

    thks in advance

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    Why do you want this? In fact what do you really want? If you write the exploit then a standard compiler will compile it. If you use the exploit maliciously then a standard policeman should lock you up.
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    your best bet is using gcc under cygwin
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    White_Ace > I have a sugession.
    As I can see you are new to this site, why don't you spend some time to browse this site and it's forum to see how this people comunicate with each other and what kind of questions asked here and how they are taking to each other and then start posting ?
    Like this question which you asked and get a bad replies.

    JP & Ennis > I have a sugession for AO's new faq.
    IMHO it could be good if you put the suggesion for new users that not post as they registerd and take a while and read the past posts and learn the rules of asking and replying the threads and then start posting.

    Just a sugession

    BTW, I know this post does not related to that new faq, But sorry I feel sleepy and decided to post here. I hope you will see.

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    White_Ace, I don't always post about security realated things but the only things you have really posted about lately is about exploits, 'HACKING', & (ect).

    This site isn't about 'hacking' its about security. If you want to call yourself a 'l33t' 'whitehat' infront of a few friends then learn how to program.

    It would have been cool if you asked where you can get a good compiler and learn how you can secure apps and find flaws in them but you didn't ask that way

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