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Thread: Antipoints

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    I know how to see how many antipoints I have, but how do I get them? thanx

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    Yet another....
    bob_dole_lpb > isn't it better to read the site faq then start posting ? I see your name in the "last reply" of any thread ! 4.57 posts per day ! edit: it is now 5 per day.

    Take a time to read this: http://www.antionline.com/misc.php?action=faq
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    You get greens from posting meaningful helpful messages/posts, tutorials, or anything people like. You get negg's for making bad posts, flames, or anything obscene. There are more, so read the AntiOnline FAQ. Hope I helped.. -- Jason Copeland

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    all to gether i dont liek the points thing cuse u could be asking a question and some one negs you i mean blah
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    Read the faqs, as has been said again and again in your various posts about antipoints. I spent several days going over all the information and reading the various threads before I made my first post. Just be cool, try to be helpful in whatever area you're good at, and you'll be okay.

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