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Thread: Tiny AP Bug

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    Tiny AP Bug

    Hey all, this is somewhat tiny but strange. I was looking at one of R_A_'s post, and by accident I clicked his antipoint's. I got a message saying that the url might not be safe or something (Tiny IE popup) and I clicked yes, thinking what the hell. I got a message saying Remote_Access_ has antipoints. I did a similiar thing with his post as a regular and it came up normal. Generally, it isn't the message Im concerned with, it's the little popup and the facr that I also noticed that the second time I clicked his antipoints/message, it said: Can't Assign AP's Thread closed, or something like that. I did it again, and it said that User is Guest or Banned. Just wanted to point it out.. Sorry.. -- Jason Copeland

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    I am bot sure if this is a paralell or not to the small bug that JCHostingAdmin mentioned, but here it is: when in any thread where I have posted, if I click on the assign antipoints link on my own post it used to either tell me my AP total or give me a list of the AP's assigned to me in that post. now allI get is a blank grey box. It has been this way since the Mr. Myagi message was changed so it does not show when over 80%.
    I have a question; are you the bug, or the windshield?

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