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Thread: antipoints

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    I think the antionline webmaster should make it more clear as to what and how you aquire antipoints. i seem to see a lot of questions about that.

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    That's because people don't read the FAQ before they start making stupid posts about things that are covered there. It's right off the front page where it says 'Site FAQ' I encourage you to spend some time there before making any more posts.
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    Are u going to fill the front page with antipint threads?

    Stop it!
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    From what I have seen dude you ask a lot of the questions about the anti-points... They shouldn't be THAT mportant... If you just make a post that contributes SOMETHING instead of failing to follow the advice that I and others have given about the FAQ...Personally I spent three or four days going over them and I still do from time to time... If I have a question I do a search FIRST and if I don't see what I am looking for then I post or if the Thread doesn't have the answer I am looking for I post... I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are fairly young and impatinet (Everyone here was that way at one time) so you just want to blaze away... Go to the FAQ and READ it then read it again... If you have a question search the fourm and see if what you are looking for is there... If it is read the thread then read it again... If you still haven't found the answer you are looking for ask away... But make the question inteligent and avoid the How do I hack hotmail or how do I mail bomb joe because he stole my girl friend stuff and you should find all the help you need... I hope this helps you in the future young Obi Wan... May the Force be with you
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    ummmm....I would delete both of your antipoint threads. Read the FAQ's, hang out and watch how things work for a while. You'll find out that AP's are a very touchy subject. Oh...wait...I see two red dots....looks like you are figuring that one out on your own. Delete the threads before it's too late.
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