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    Just got cool firewal linux

    Hi, guys...

    I've just got new firewall for LINUX..it's free and very easy to use.
    maybe not that popular..for LINUX user but...this firewall is optmised for SOHO enviroment and so includes support for modems and ISDN dialup,ADSL and cables modems.

    Check it out on www.smoothwall.org
    Hope this information helps..
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    i had trouble with firewalls for linux.And has i have read in your last threads your running redhat 7.3 the same as i am so you will be on the 2.4 kernel correct? back to these troubles i had my computer wouldnt load icons would dissapear it was hectict
    so i read the iptables man file and some tutorials heres what i do to close open ports

    i cd in to /sbin because thats where the iptables script lies
    then i give these following commands

    password ***********
    cd /sbin
    /sbin/iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 21 -j REJECT

    now what we have done here is we have told the iptables command to reject incomming traffic on port 21
    replacing port 21 with the port you wish to choose

    and if you wanted to open a port you would give the exact same commad exept replacing REJECT with ACCEPT

    NOTE i havent found out how to save the script so you dont need to apply these rules everytime you re-boot or shut down so if some 1 would be glad to explain i would be gratefull

    but the reason i have told you this is because smoothwall takes up system resources in the install right ?
    and yet you can apply these commands and close and open a specific port and doesnt take up any space so i hope you find this info helpful
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    yupe I'm running RH 7.3.
    Mmmm I think you right smoothwall takes up system resources in the install, and thanks for that info it's helpfull.
    And if you believe me I've been figure out how to save the script...(woww..are in some line..here...?..hehehe..).

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    Not an image or image does not exist!

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