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Thread: Audit Lock Screen

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    Audit Lock Screen

    Is there a way to audit/log when the lock screen is enabled/disabled. "When a workstation is locked/unlocked?"


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    I am not sure about this, but for some reason, I want to say yes. If you haven't already, check the Group Policy options for AD. There are tons of them. In the security portion, I think something like this may be there. I will check also, but I think there is something you can use. Let me know if you find it before me, but I will start digging for/with you.
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    I was asking aroung about this, and one of my co-workers said you may want to try this:
    You need to write a DLL that registers with WinLogon (see Winlogon Notification
    Packages). You can then receive and handle notifications about login, logoff,
    screensaverstart, screensaverstop, lock workstation and more...

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