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    Chat Room For Website

    Hello all. I've decided to go with an IIS web server on a win 2k os. i was wondering if any of you know of a free chat room program or code that i could use for ppl to interact with each other while visiting my web site. i'm using frontpage 2k to update my website. i would like it not to run off another website, but to run off mine. any suggestions are welcomed!

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    I found some at www.asp101.com and www.aspfree.com. I have been plying with ConquerChat (www.theill.com/asp/conquerchat.asp) for the last 2 days not bad but the lastest release requires IE6/NN6. The docs say IE5 but there is a bug they are tying to fix with undefines.
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    Here is a page with many free CGI Perl based chat scripts


    Here are some Java based chat applets :



    Most can be hosted on your server. Remember hosting on your server can take quite a bit of bandwidth when you have many users...
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