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    Talking I'm at school wow this is lame....

    Well this is lame....

    Do you guys have any fun things to be doing at this hour of the day in this satanic imprisonement?

    I call this prison .... school.

    Please post with some ideas before I die

    Gen. A

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    Computer Games was the only thing besides programming that got me through my college years. Find a game that has a multiplayer option, and that never neems to play the same way twice, as to keep you from getting bored with it. For $40. a pop, you can risk getting bored to easily.

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    um, how about learn something? if you have access to a computer to post, you have access to anything in the world, pretty much. i like to play a game where i try to look up what my teacher is talking about and add things that he missed. this way, everyone reaps the benefit of some new info and you look pretty good in the teacher's eyes. nevermind the fact that you might learn something. :P
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