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Thread: free Anonymous Proxies

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    free Anonymous Proxies

    I found a list of free anonymous proxies,


    however long time ago I was told that I need to get permision from the owners before useing any proxy service. I tryed useing the address without the port number to see if I could locate their home page.

    I have used the tools at www.samspade.org to try to locate their home page, but unable to do so.

    My question is, can I legaly start useing one of these proxies without prior concent?

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    i would...and if someone confronts you about it then just give them the name and # of the webmaster for the proxy list site.

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    I recommend you doing a "whois" with the "samspade" and see if the proxies doesn't belong to governments or mils.

    I am using such proxies too, with proxomitron . I tried hard enough for finding a list which contains proxies witch works good and ANONYMOUS, but every list I founded realy suck and didn't contain realy anon proxies. I haven't test your list which you mentioned but finaly I found 2 lists some days ago which I can find a good proxy in every 10 in it. here it is:

    http://www.hideall.net/proxys/ ( My favorite )

    And I test my proxies with:

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    Thank you both, I found one that is near by, so I am useing it. Though I am going to try to find a home page so I can contact them to make sure first. Thanks everyone.

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