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Thread: New Net project aims to avoid hacking

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    New Net project aims to avoid hacking

    thought this might be interesting to people

    (CNN) -- Scientists concerned about the vulnerability of the Internet to failure or hacking envision a next-generation system that would use the collective power of users' computers to become more secure.

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    To me it sounds like they almost want to give the internet its own kind of immunity system like the human body, with the ability to change to avoid attacks and such. Very interesting concept, but I wonder how many companies would want somone else's data just showing up on their system because of an attack on a different machine?
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    Good point...I don't reckon too many people would feel comfortable with that - and that's with either party involved: the person who owns the info being shuffled around and the person who would then be hosting the info. I wouldn't expect something like that to work very well.
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    Not to mention all the legal problems with having some ones web page sudly appear on your server. What happens when company X ends up hosting compeditor Yís web page. I guess it could work with small static web pages but what about ones with loads of sever side scripts that are linked to large databases. Think Iíll stick with the watch your own back system.
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