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Thread: Record labels seek OK for P2P sabotage

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    Record labels seek OK for P2P sabotage

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Frustrated by the continuing presence of free music on the Internet, the recording industry asked for Congress' blessing on Thursday to gum up the online networks they blame for slowing their sales.

    there asking for permission to hack in a way, right?


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    Yeah they are already using their stupid decoy clients rather heavily. It is really annoying when you are doing a legitimate search and come up with all these dummy files. It shouldn't be hard to write a filter to ignore these, as it always seems that the stats on these dummy files follow certain patterns.
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    It's a shame that the recording industry lacks the innovation to find a way to embrace technology and give consumers the music they want at a reasonable price. To think that they have the nerve to petition the Congress to pass legislation to protect a failing business model! That is just beyond words!

    I hope that these recording industry clowns realize what it is that they are about to do. If they start poking around on peoples' machines looking for pirated music on P2P networks and start doing damage they will lose every bit of integrity that they have left. Who would pay money to someone that would treat you that way?

    P2P is here to stay. It is only going to evolve. I think that it would be a better use of their resources to find a way to get involved and use it to their advantage.

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    i strongly suggest to anyone involved in the boycot againt these companies...write your reps in congress and tell them why your not buying music. the recording industry isn't going to admit it.
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    Ya im with you ..as a musican I love the fact that with little money people in europe and the world can hear my music.I think there just has to be a better way then DDOS the p2p networks.Its not like they dont have the money to do it.....I just think that this is the fastest and most profitable way for them to do it.

    on a diffrent aspect if your a up n comin cracker then this might just be the job for you.
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    I'm right there with you Tedob1! I refuse to buy any new music until the record labels shape up and quit trying to tell me how to use the music that I have already paid for. If I want to rip my CD's to MP3 files the I should be able to. If they hack and destroy files on my machine because of it then there will be hell to pay. Everyone has the right to use P2P networks for any reason that they want to, and the last time I checked people in this country were innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If they think that I have illegal material on my PC let them get the cops to get a warrant and search it.

    If they get this legislation then we can throw our Bill of Rights right out the window. The last time I checked it prevented me from being the victim of unreasonable searches and seizure!

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    at least: from what i hear, boucher(?) is planning to add a clause that does not condone hacker style attacks from the record industry.

    besides, didnt we hear the same thing when the tape recorder came out, then again when the VCR was introduced? CD-burners, DVD burners are just the next step. yes, when i was a kid, i taped the radio and made mixes from college radio stations, thereby allowing me the rare opportunity to hear what the big kids heard when they sat around in between classes (my father is a professor and i spent a lot of time at the campus)

    P2P networking allows a person to be introduced to new music that they normally would not hear. i have recently aquired japanese indie, french trance, ska music that i still can't find on CD anywhere and live tunes that you just would have had to have been there to have heard in the first place. P2P allows a sharing of music that never would have happened before. most likely never will i hear a buffalo daughter tune on the radio in north east ohio. this ultimately results in me wanting an album (for most of the fun of the album is the art, the photos, the CD art, much like records) and going to buy it. if i can't find the album anywhere, i will at least try to get in contact with members of the band and send them a few bucks. i have been able to do this twice already.

    no, i and most people are not going out to pirate this and sell it on the black market. it happens, but it happened before P2P ever came about. a bill like this will not make P2P go away, it will just create a lot more criminals.
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    Hopefully, this criminalization of P2P users won't fly! Congress has more important business to concern itself with than debate the legalities of music sharing. However, if the RIAA succeeds, I for one will just not buy any more cd's! I'll let my dollars speak for me.

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    Here it is

    If you would like to see the bill in its present form, click here and have a look.. I've said it before, and I'm saying it again...it's the industry's own fault that they are in the shape they are in. They could have embraced P2P technology years ago and have a brand new stream of revenue, but instead they chose to adhere to the same old price gouging tactic that they have forced on us for years. Now that the consumers are fed up with them and found a way to cut the middleman out, they want legislation enacted to MAKE us accept their stranglehold. If you are interested in speaking out to your representatives on this, then check out this thread and download the ZIP file protest letter, or write your own. The afore mentioned thread also has links to put you in contact with your representatives in Washington. As Tedob1 said...write your reps and make your voice heard!!
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    Hmmm, can anyone imagine what kind of a real-or-cyber-war *could* be started, with overzealous patent attorneys, record companies or whoever, using the "blessings" of Congress and the President in going after server's and invididual's harddrives .... 'interdiction'? Rule one is to never underestimate the person you intend to make your enemy. I can imagine someone minding their own business, trying to take their medicine regularly and keep from killing anyone else, when they are attacked by some patent attorney because on their harddrive or server they have a memorial page for their favorite uncle and some media hack mistakes the name for something listed on their bargain sales catalog. Just imagining here, but if the media gets permission to hack, i can imagine that there will be a thousand more brand-new "recording companies" registered the next day in cities all across the country, whadayathink?

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