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Thread: Are you a gamer?

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    Talking Are you a gamer?

    10 Signs You Game Too Much

    10. They ask for all their money in quarters.

    9. They're not sure what season, or year it is.

    8. They're best friends names are Super Mario, Pac-man, and Sonic (if they have real-life friends).

    7. The electric company and the toy store sends them birthday cards.

    6. Big falling blocks and hot lava pits haunt their dreams.

    5. Their fingers twitch all the time.

    4. When they are sick at home the change clerk at the arcade calls to see if they are all right.

    3. They can play 2 player games by themselves.

    2. Everyone at the arcade knows them by name.

    1. Someone is reading this to them, 'cause they're too busy getting a new high score and can not be bothered.

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    I'm offended by that

    10. The only time I get quarters is for my laundry.
    9. It is ...umm...9/28/2002.
    8. Dont have any friends named Mario or Pacman or Sonic...(maybe Pliskin )
    7. Wouldnt mind having the extra greeting cards(hey just coz I dont get too many doesnt mean anything )
    6.It's mostly how to get that big bad boss in any of the Final Fantasy series that haunts me in my dreams.
    5. My fingers twitch coz of smoking.
    4. Heheh I wish my GF cared that much.
    3. Yeah...so whats wrong with playing games by myself?
    2. No they dont! They know me by my alter ego named Ryu.
    1. Well...umm...Heather get over and read this to me
    \"When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.\" -- Dom Helder Camara

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    Angry Addict

    Yeh im a complete addict, getting seriously bad is there any tips on NOT BEING AN ADDICT lol

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